Friday, August 10, 2007

The Alchemy of Creation | initiation and transformation

The Remembrance of Sophia

I will liberate you, my dear ones,
but first you must be broken;
you must be permeable to all of Life.
When you feel the anguish
and the ecstasy of incarnation,
then you will know what it is
to love me, to serve me, to embody me
as Holy Wisdom.

- Colette

The Alchemy of Creation is a visionary coaching for artists of life.

Each of us has a unique vision to bring to the world, a holy purpose, a calling. The accelerated times in which we live beckon us to expand our notions of who we are and what is possible, urging us to make the quantum leap into our magnificence, and offer the gifts of our potential to a world that deeply needs our healing participation.

The maidenhead of innocence
must be broken
for the deeper mysteries to be enacted,
for life and consciousness to be reborn.

Conception only happens
in the darkness of the earth,
of the womb, of the psyche.

- Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
... .. ... .Paradoxes of Love

Whether you are a creative artist, a social visionary, a teacher, a healer, or someone in search of a fresh vision for your life, Colette can assist you in tapping into the divine mysteries of creation, helping to coalesce your vision, and bring forth the masterpiece of who you are to the world.

Bring forth the masterpiece of who you are ...

Don’t wait any longer.
Dive in the ocean,
Leave and let the sea be you.
Silent, absent, walking an empty road,
all praise…

- Rumi

Alchemy is an ancient and mystical art of purification and transformation. Colette began her study of alchemical texts in earnest, finding resonant imagery that was speaking to the elemental forces of fire, water, earth and air that she was experiencing through her and that were reflected in her visionary collages. Colette came to understand the alchemical journey as both a purification of matter, and an infusion of spirit into flesh, the conscious evolution and incarnation of the Divine.

Her intent has been to distill the essence of the alchemical mysteries of transformation into an initiatory journey that is accessible to all.

May her offerings be inspirations for all! Learn more about Colette Van Pragg and her works. contact Colette.

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