Sunday, July 01, 2007

Simple prayer of gratitude

prayer gratefulness grateful"Thank You" to our Beloved
Who has given us all that
He has given us;

and not given us
what He has not given us.

"If you manage only one prayer in your life, and that prayer is simply 'THANK YOU,' it will be sufficient." - Thomas Merton, catholic mystic.

Therefore remember Me, I will remember you and give thanks to Me and be not ungrateful to Me. - The Quran 2:152

... And remember your Lord proclaimed: "If ye give thanks, I will give you more" -The Quran 14:7

... And the grateful ones shall be rewarded soon -The Quran 3:144

One day, the Prophet Moses said in his invocation: "O God! You created Adam. How did he express gratefulness to Thee?" God replied: "He knew that everything came from Me."

The first to be summoned to the Blissful Station, Paradise on the Day of Great Resurrection will be those who praise God in prosperity and in adversity. -Saying of the Blessed Prophet

The Holy Prophet is reported to have said: 'Praise be to God (alhamdu lillah)' is the beginning of thanksgiving, for the man who does not praise God has not thanked Him.

"Gratitude is not only a great virtue; it is the mother of all virtues." -tradition of the Prophet

"O Allah, grant me the strength to be grateful to Thee." -Prayer of the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

- from Modern Psychology's point of view, it is this sense of gratefulness to life and everything which can save a personality from many pitfalls of mind including that of depression, negative attitudes, extreme boredom and other profound psychological disorder. being grateful also opens oneself up to accept life in more openess so that he or she can utilize opportunities with positive attitude. possibilities are welcomed and accepted inside. thats where and when blessings start to manifest automatically, as if an inheret Law of the Universe. infact it is.
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