Monday, July 30, 2007

Meaning of Tasawouf | Sufism and making of Sufi

It is narrated by Amir al-Moumenin (Leader of the faithful ones) Ali (as well as Imam Sadiq, his grandson), who said that "Tasawouf is an acronym of four letters". Tasawouf is the original arabic term to mean Sufism, although this translation is a misnomer, containing an -ism which doesn't do justice to this inner dimension of spirituality that transcend any ism or boundary or dogma.

Tasawouf is a four letter word: TSVF and each letter holds a secret representing one stage or quality of a Sufi. Together the word TSVF makes the twelve principles; one who perfect these principles is a Sufi.

T, the first letter stands for three practices of Tark or Abandonment; Tubeh or Repentance and Tugha or Virtue.

S, the second letter of the word, stands for another three qualities to be perfected by a salek (a traveler on the spiritual journey); Sabr or Patience; Sedgh or Truthfulness and Honesty and Safa or Purity.

V, the third letter stands for Vud or Love; Verd or Wird meaning Remembrance; and Vafaa or Faithfulness.

F, the final letter, represents another three qualifications: Fard or Solitude; Faghr (faqr) or Poverty and Fana or Annihilation.

- from Principles of Sufism by Sayedeh Nahid Angha. Pin It Now!