Monday, July 30, 2007

the Kaaba, Secret and Mysteries | Where is Kaaba

Abraham constructed this building, revealed it
as a place for the Remembrance of Allah.
......- as an outward example.

Wherever those with spotless pure hearts
replendent with Allah congregate
......- that is the Kaaba

Wherever everyone gathers in unity
......- that is the Kaaba

Any place Satan cannot approach
......- that is the Kaaba

Where the purity and power of Allah intermingle
......- that is the Kaaba

Where beginning Is Now, and Ever Shall Be meet
......- that is the Kaaba

The place where you find your unity with Allah
......- that is the Kaaba

The place where our prayers unites with Allah
......- that is the Kaaba.

- Bawa Muhaiyaddeen.

[.] Behold The Inner Secret of Kaaba

Shams of Tabriz said
"The Kaaba is in the middle of the world.
All faces turn toward it.
Take it away. See!
each is worshiping the soul of each."

- from the beautiful book The Illuminated Prayer: the five time prayers of the sufis as revealed by Jellaludin Rumi and Bawa Muhaiyaddeen - by Coleman Barks and Michael Green

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