Saturday, July 07, 2007

Complete Human Being | Spiritual Qualities

. Self-Knowledge
The degree to which we know ourselves - our weakness, limitations, characteristics, motivations.

. Self-Control
The ability to guide and transcend the promptings of the self.

. Objective Knowledge
A knowledge that is in accord both with the practical needs of life and an objective Reality that can be known through an awakened and purified heart.

. Inner Wisdom
The ability to accesss guidance and meaning from within oneself.

. Being
The capacity to remain in a state of presence, to consciously witness experience.

. Selfless love
A love for God and His creations without selfish motives.

. Sustaining the Divine Perspective
The ability to always see events and peopel from the highest perspective of Love and Unity and not to slip into egoistic judgement and opinion.

. Divine Intimacy
Awareness of one's connection of the Divine Source.

. quoted from Knowing Heart by Kabir Helminski
you may read essays from the Knowing Heart here.

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