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The Book of Mirdad | shedding light on the secret of male and female

No love is Love that subjugates the Lover.
No love is Love that feeds on flesh and blood.
No love is Love that draws a woman to a man only to breed
more women and men and thus perpetuate their bondage to the flesh.

The Overcomer do I speach - The Phoenix-man who is too free to be male, too sublimated to be a female. As in the denser spheres of Life the male and the female are one, so are they one in Life's rarer spheres. The interval between is but a segment in eternity dominated by the illusion of Duality. Those who can see neither before nor aft believe this segment of eternity to be itself Eternity. They cling to the delusion of Duality as if it were of Life its very core and essence, not knowing that the rule of Life is Unity.

The Overcomer do I preach - Man unified and master of himself. Man made a prisoner by the love of a woman, and a woman made prisoner by the love of man are equally unfit for Freedom's precious crown. But man and woman made as one by love, inseparable , indistnguishable are verily entitled to that prize.

... And what are man and woman but the single Man unconscious of his singleness and so cloven in twain and made to quaff the gall of Duality that he may yearn for the nectar of Unity: and yearning, seek it wirh a will; and seeking; find it and possess it, conscious of it's surpassing liberty?

But men and women yearners must realize their unity even while in the flesh; not by communion of the flesh, but by the Will to Freedom from the flesh and all the impendiments it places in their way to perfect Unity and Holy Understanding. (credit and more to read)

About | The Book of Mirdad by Mikhail Naimy

This timeless allegorical story which has touched the hearts of so many readers, continues to show new generations how it is possible to expand one's consciousness and to uncover God in man by dissolving man's sense of duality. Mikhail Naimy tells of the visit of the mysterious stranger, Mirdad, to the remote mountain monastery, the Ark. The culmination and indeed the message of the story is that Mirdad's own Ark is the Ark of Holy Understanding, which will bring mankind through another deluge, greater than Noah's, when heaven will be revealed on earth.

Mikhail Naimy (b.1889, Lebanon, d. 1988) was a contemporary of Kahlil Gibran and his writing style is very much influenced by Gibran. It has been said that the way the book has been written,unravelling one layer after another, shows that it has descended from some mysterious source. The Book of Mirdad has potent allusions to the Ultimate Reality.

"And it is a book to be read by the heart, not by the mind. It is a book not to be understood, but experienced. It is something phenomenal. Millions of people have tried to write books so that they can express the inexpressible, but they have utterly failed. I know only one book, The Book of Mirdad, which has not failed; and if you cannot get to the very essence of it, it will be your failure, not the author's. He has created a perfect device of words, parables, situations. If you allow it, the book becomes alive and something starts happening to your being." - Osho

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