Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sufi Song | Abida Parveen sings Bulleh Shah

Abida's singing of Sade Vere Aay Kare, adopted from the lyrics of legendary sufi poet Bulleh Shah, is one of my most favorite sufi song.

Caution: prepare for an emotional roller-coaster ride o wanderers in the path! >> Watch the song via youtube HERE, which comes with english translation inside the video. grateful to RazaRumi for giving a better version of the song's rendition.

O beloved one:
If God were to be found by bathing and washing,
then God would be found by fish and frogs.

If God were to be found by roaming in jungle,
then God would be found by cows and buffaloes.

O Mian Bulleh
God is found by hearts righteous and pure.

You have read a thousand books
but have you read your 'self'?

You rush to mosques and temples
in indecent haste,
have you tried to enter your 'self'?

You are enagged in
needless battle with Shaitan
have you ever fought with your 'nafs'?

You have reached the sky
But have failed to reach
what's in your heart!

Come to my abode, My friend
morning, noon and night!

Destroy the mosque,
destroy the temple
do as you please;
do not break the human heart
for God dwells therein!

I search for You in jungle and wilderness
I have searched far and wide.
Do not torment me thus My Love
morning, noon and night!

Come to my abode, My Love
morning, noon and night!

:: watch Abida Parveen singing the song
:: alternatively for slower internet connection, you can listen only the audio from the album: Rooh E Sufi vol2., the track Sade Vere Aay Kare.

about Abida | Begum Abida Parveen (born 1954) from Pakistan is one of the foremost exponents of Sufi music. Her forte is the kafi and the ghazal, though she has also ventured into traditional male territory and sung qawwalis. Abida Parveen is known for the dazzling quality of her voice and her vivid musical imagination allied to her utterly feminine sensibility, all used to tell the Beloved the states His love makes us endure. She has a particularly stunning voice, a very unique one.

She has attained legendary status in the Indian Sub-Continent and also attract fans across the globe. / (collage art: Sadiq Alam)

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