Monday, June 18, 2007

on Spiritual Abuse | a valuable lighthouse for seekers of all traditions

The Sufi Lighthouse: Illuminating Spiritual Abuse is unique in the history of Sufi literature, a very timely and valuable contribution for seekers of all traditions. No religious or mystical tradition is immune from the presence of spiritual abuse, for, wherever there are people who are seeking to become closer to essential truths, purpose, and meaning, there will be individuals seeking to generate counterfeit currency to offer to those who are unaware of, or incautious toward, the dangers which lie in wait along the spiritual path. Spiritual abuse assumes many different forms.

Spiritual abuse may occur in neighborhood churches, mosques, temples, centers, and other places of religious/spiritual gathering. This problem also may take place in much more exotic and/or remote settings.

Some instances of spiritual abuse may involve gullible individuals who are induced to become committed to a ‘guide’ or teacher who, when examined even superficially in an impartial manner, may exhibit many of the warning characteristics of a spiritual charlatan. Unfortunately, in many other cases, the problem of recognition with respect to a given ‘false teacher’ becomes much more difficult and subtle.

Fraudulent teachers may call themselves a guru, shaykh, rimpoche, monk, priest, imam, apostle, avatar, or minister. They also may call themselves educators, revolutionaries, political leaders, and freedom fighters.

The present book, The Sufi Lighthouse: Illuminating Spiritual Abuse, arises out of the author's experiences with a spiritual charlatan who called himself a Sufi shaykh or guide. The book consists of 594 pages, 54 chapters, and a great deal of information, insight, and illumination concerning the phenomenon of spiritual abuse. Although a number of chapters within this book entail discussions which focus on themes that are steeped in the terminology of Islam, in general, and the Sufi Path in particular, much of this book is of relevance to anyone who is interested in, or struggling with, problems of spirituality and mysticism, irrespective of the particular tradition with which he or she may identify.

It certainly can prove to be a valuable (spiritual) life saver for the seekers and a timely eye opener before its too late. May your paths be illuminated.

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About the Author | Dr. Whitehouse obtained an Honors BA from Harvard University in Social Relations and a doctorate from the University of Toronto in Educational Theory.

He is the author of Streams to the Ocean, Mystical Horizons, The Chaco Canyon Tapes, Evolution on Trial, Reality without a Name, and Spiritual Stories for the Heart. His latest book is The Essence of September 11th. The author's blog can be accessed here.
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