Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Prayer's answer

MysticSaint CollageMay you fall in love
........so deeply
........that there is no escape.
And after love has writ
........its poetry on your human heart
........and sung its song in your soul,
may it stretch you beyond all belief.

With its firebird voice
may it crush every bone of resistance
and drag you through pain and loss
............and back again -

........'til there is nothing left of you
....................but love.

- Stephanie

Published with kind permission from Gangaji's Website. You can read more poetry here.

About | Gangaji, an American born teacher and author, has traveled the globe since 1990, speaking with spiritual seekers from all walks of life. Her message is powerful in its clarity and simplicity: True peace and lasting fulfillment are not only our birthright, they are the essential nature of our being. Gangaji invites you to discover the possibility of living your life in the freedom and joy of simply being. Read her message to you.

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