Friday, June 29, 2007

Open Mind Blogger Award

Open Mind AwardMany thanks to friend, brother and fellow blogger Hamza Darrell Grizzle from Blog of Grateful Bear for nominating Inspirations and Creative Thought in the Open Mind Blogger Award!

it seems good news always comes togther. just few days back i updated on Thinking Blogger Award and now is this one!

About Open Mind Blogger Award // According to the award’s creator Justin: "Civility can be rare in society; the internet is not much different. There are a counteless number of bloggers who refuse to consider anyone’s opinion that is different than their own. The philosophy of these people tends to be: “I’m always right”.

Enter the “Open Mind Blogger” Awards

According to the American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms, an “Open Mind” is defined as: “A mind receptive to different opinions and ideas”

This award is given to Blogs that demonstrate respect towards others, research and consideration of oppossing views, free-flowing conversation with commenters, and an overall spirit of civility and openess. It is time we recognize such commendable behavior on the internet."

// i am suppose to nominate 5 bloggers whom i think as Open Mind Blogger too. God willing, soon i will post the follow up.

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