Sunday, June 10, 2007

Meditative Quranic Verses | Lightning Flashes

Quran, meditation, BarakaProclaim, O beloved Muhammad, "I am calling everyone to Allah through clear insight and direct experience, and so will those who follow in my spiritual lineage." Quran 12.108

Those who harmonize their whole being with the Messenger of Allah, are harmonizing and unifying with Allah. Quran 4.80

We divinely raise whomever We please to higher and higher degrees of wisdom. Quran 12.76

Pray with your entire being, My beloved, "O Precious Lord, increase and advance me in spiritual states and mystic knowledge." Quran 20.114

Those who are always ascending, who are the foremost lovers, abide intimately near to Allah within the blissful Garden of Essence. Quran 56.10-12

- Selection of verses, which were translated with deep esoteric understanding by Shaykh Lex Hixon Al Jerrahi. May God sanctify his spiritual rank. Quoted from his book, Atom from the Sun of Knowledge.

When i first read the english translations, i was saying, wow! how beautifully the meanings of Quranic verses can be rendered! they are renderings on the level of tafsir or interpretation. surely in this book, the most beautiful translations i ever came across. they also testify how difficult it is to translate those divine verses without grasping the inner meanings. God willing, i will quote some other verses later.

In the introduction Shaykh Nur writes,
Tasting is a mystical term synonymous with unveiling. The clarified honey of prophecy must be tasted in our own mouths. Divine Light must be nakedly perceived by the eyes of the heart. These particular verses, in some cases fragments of verses, were favored y the consummate Shaykh, Ibn Arabi. The present english versions reflect his unveiling, or tasting, of the original arabic. His full expansion of meaning can be found in the marvelous book by William Chittick, The Sufi Path of Knowledge.

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