Thursday, May 03, 2007

the secret of manifestation and being

Thy manifestation is through me
and my being through Thee,
without me
Thou can't manifest Thyself

and without Thee
i could not have
come into being.

- Dr. Mir Vali-ud-din

:: from The Quranic Sufism. Its a very good book, a work intended to present the contribution of the Qur'an to Mysticism, and has therefore a value to all seekers of knowledge on the subject. Mir Valiuddin was a professor of philosophy at the Osmania University in Hyderabad, India, for many years, specializing in Sufism. His work has contributed to demonstrating the extent to which this heritage has shaped Muslim thought and civilization through the centuries. One of the foremost academic scholars of Sufism in the East, he is the author of The Quranic Sufism, Contemplative Disciplines in Sufism, and Love of God: A Sufic Approach.

you can access the book partially from GoogleBook, click here. also an excerpt can be read here as well.

read the poem once again. it essentially speak about the deep, deep mystery of our being and God's manifestation in very eloquent & simple words. thanks to dear dear friend Sheela to send it from the valuable book. i appreciate her tender remembrance and love. may God bless her with pure peace in abundance.
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