Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gnosis of Prophet Muhammad

Winged Heart
While pointing at his noble heart three times, the glorious Seal of Messengers proclaims:
True religion is right here!

The First Light and Universal intellect, upon him be peace, relates these words directly from the Source of the Universe:
I manifest in the manner in which each conscious being expects Me to manifest.

Our Subtle Master points out to his companions:
Part of becoming an excellent practitioner of universal religion is to learn how to leave alone whatever is not your particular spiritual responsiblity.

Advises the Friend of all souls, upon him be peace:
Abandon instantly whatever makes you doubtful, and embrace wholeheartedly whatever genuinely frees you from doubt.

The Noble Mahmud, upon him be peace, states with perfect clarity:
True religion is sincerity of heart!

The Final Prophet speaks clearly:
Of all that I have shown you to perform as universal religion, humbly perform as much as you can.

:: from Atom from the Sun of Knowledge by Lex Hixon Nur Al Jerrahi

Gnosis \Gno"sis\, n.
The deeper wisdom; knowledge of spiritual truth
[1913 Webster]

Gnostic, adj.
1: possessing intellectual or esoteric knowledge of spiritual
2: of or relating to Gnosticism;
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