Thursday, May 24, 2007

From Nature to God

Look deeply into nature, and you will not fail to observe the signature of the Divine written all over it.

Nothing is more visible than the Real
He is hidden only to the eyeless.
- Misri

The effusion of the Real on the cosmos
Is uniform - if you understand
All these things that are visible
Are One Face - if you understand ...

To see the Face of the Real
The eye (of the heart) of Man is required
On this mirror, the cosmos
is a peck of dust - if you understand.
- Sheikh Ibrahim

What appears to you as the world
Is, in reality God
God is One, to this I swear
Do not think He is several.
- Ghaybi

This is not patheism. As Ghaybi explains:

Love is the Essence of the Real
The cosmos is His Attributes.

Nature is not God. It is the manifestation of God, neither Him nor wholly separate from Him. As sufi master explains: "God is in each particle, but each particle is not God".

... God fashions the ten zillion things down to the smallest quark. He is within the smallest, yet He is greater than the greatest. ... God is present everywhere and sees all things.

Say not two, know not two, call not on two! ...
One I seek, One I know, One I see, One I call.
- Rumi

-excerpts from THE BLACK PEARL by Henry Bayman
a highly recommended book for those interested to see the inter-connection of underlying oneness of spirituality in Eastern, Far Eastern Philosophy and Sufism. Pin It Now!