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Divine Love | for the strangers in the crowd

Quoted from Divine Love written by Faruk Dilaver, via Yunus Emre: Love and Peace

Every existent thing is assumed to be one of the divine names and attributes of God. For this reason Yunus, one of the great lovers says, “I will call You, my God, with the stones and mountains.”

The Creator, the Almighty One who is the only Being (Wujud) is alone the source of Love Himself. He loves Himself. He embraces Himself. He adores Himself. He is the one who loves and is loved among the whole of creation. Love is He alone.

The lover who has already perfected in his love in the end understands he loves the only Being, the Creator; what he loves is indeed the Almighty One, God, in every existent thing. In the initial stages the lover finds Him within himself. He loves Him within himself; while loving himself, the lover at the same time loves Him. He is the one who has created every thing out of love. Therefore, every creature carries traces of love within themselves. If someone finds love within creation, then he finds Truth (Haqq) who has created all things out of His love, as the aim of Truth’s creation is only Love.

Truth is the only craving of lovers’ hearts and is Divine Light (Nur). When compared to the physical light in this world, Truth or Divine Light can be understood easily because both have some common attributes. Lovers who contemplate these attributes become more aware of the Being of Truth, and thus they realize Truth more readily.

Light is the single entity that is perceived within all colors, forms, and things in this world. Yet, it cannot be seen. Light can only be perceived within the existent things through colors that are in truth the attributes of light itself. When we understand the reason of all colors perceived within the existent things is light itself, we also realize that what we see as colors in this world is only light itself.

Just as light cannot be seen, Truth also cannot be seen. However, His attributes (sifat) are perceived within the existent things. Truth can only be seen through His attributes. Therefore, lovers recognize the attributes of Truth and they witness and see Haqq within His attributes. As mentioned above, we can see the things in this world only when light exists. We cannot see when there is no light or when we are in darkness. In truth, the things we perceive around us are just light. Like this, whatever we see within the existent things is only this manifested light or Nur, which is the Being of Truth. This wisdom of lovers is that which can see Haqq within all existent things.

The true friends of God in their perfection speak to God; they hear the resonance of God addressed to them at the moment of the manifestation of God (tajalli). No spatial direction can be defined for God’s resonance. It comes WITHOUT any direction. For example, the Almighty God addressed The Pole (Qutb) Abdulkadir Geylani, The Supreme Helper, Gavs Al-Azam, one of the Great Lovers of God, in the following manner,

“You are My Lover!
You are the One whom I love!
You are the One who is desired!

You are My Face amongst my slaves...
You are the One who is the most wanted and looked for…
You are My Secret within secrets…
You are My Light within lights!

You are the Beauty of My Countenance (Cemal)…
You are My Perfection (Kemal)…
You are My Name…
You are My Essence…
You are My Attribute (Sifat)!

Come nearer to witness Me!
Do not stay far away from Me…
You are the essence of the universe!

Come nearer to Me, My Lover!
Ascend to Me, My Lover!

I desired you for My Essence.
I have created you for Me alone…
Do not look for anything else other than Me.
Do not crave for anything else other than Me!

My Lover, smell Me within all fragrances…
My Lover, devour Me within all foods...
My Lover, touch Me in whatever you touch...
My Lover, you are My Yearning!”

O You who are looking for Love! Until you come across a true friend of God, you will never know Love and yourself. Your craving for Love will never be satisfied. The “Divine Beloved Ones” are those who give Love to the whole of humanity.

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