Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sufi Poetry Carnival | celebrating Divine Love | call for poetry submission

Sufi Poetry Carnival LogoIn Sacred Remembrance of Divine, Tiel Aisha Ansari and me, Sadiq will be hosting the Sufi Poetry Blog Carnival on May 28th. Blog Carnival is collection of blog/site links on a specific subject/theme. The theme of the Sufi Poetry Carnival will be Divine Love.

Sufis are the Lover of God. Sufi Poetry is extra-ordinary in a sense that they spring from the depth of the heart which for sufis, is the Sacred Throne of God. When such sense of sacredness comes into play, the resulted creation does wonderful things by taking us outside ourselves. They produce a shift in awareness, help us rediscover our inner-self and give us hints to catch a glimpse of what Reality really is.

You are welcome to participate with a poetry of yours. The theme being Divine Love, you don’t have to be a Sufi to express it. Just understanding (or even a weak effort to understand, the intention, the niyaah) and strive for expression of Divine Love is enough to jump into the Caravan, into the Tavern of Wonder.

:: Submission: Please submit by May 15th. The First Edition of the carnival will be up on May 28th, God willing.

If you do have a blog or website, you can submit a link at Sufi Poetry Carnival. [visit here]. If you wish to submit a favorite poem from the Master Sufi Poets, you can also submit the web link here.

In case you don't have a blog or website but would like to be included, you can email me your submission at mysticsaint at gmail dot com

We will appreciate very much if you spread the word and help us sing the glory of the Beloved through the pens and key-strokes of the poor lovers.

The secret of love is not for everyone
So the kissing of this great courtyard
is not in everyone’s destiny.

Take yourself close to the heart aflame with Divine Love
This fire cannot be ignited it has to be attained.

first edition
. may 28, 2007 .

# More References: + Knocking from Inside + Writeous Sisters + Share the Sufi Poetry Carnival icon

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