Friday, April 13, 2007

The Sacred Divine

in the deep forest she appeared.

i asked Her divine blessings
and told her i wanted to carry
the image of Her Face.

she smiled,
a smile so full of bliss!
saying nothing, she took
a leaf from the nearby branch
and held to me.

take it, said she
almost whispering in her
mesmerizing sweet voice.

i took the leaf.
it's color golden and orange
the shape like a heart, wide.

and when i glanced carefully
i saw a mysterious smile
on the face of the leaf.

immediately i was absorbed so much
in the mysterious smile
couldn't take my eyes away.

when i finally looked up,
nowhere was she.
and that very leaf was held
still on the branch
beholding that wonderful smile.

and in my bewilderment and intoxication
i remained there absorbed in the smile.

i still do.

(c) MysticSaint | Oct, 2006 | penned during trip to Sabah, East Malaysia while trekking the dense forest at the base of Mount Kota Kinabalu, a world heritage site.
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