Monday, April 16, 2007

The real saints, the real miracles

in the rule book of roman catholic church if you want to call someone a saint you need to prove by some miracles. i say, come to any third world countries and you will surely find saints in many houses. yes, perhaps vatican will never call them saints, but they are no lesser saints from the stand point of their devotion, sacrifice and their status to God. you might be wondering, whom i am talking about?

i am talking about the thousands and millions of simple women, the mothers of third world countries who dedicate their lives, struggle in an unthinkable manner, completely selflessly work for the happiness of the family, for their children. nobody pays them for their life-long dedication, but they act only to see that smile on the face of their beloved child.

perhaps its a built-in quality among the women who become mothers that they will sacrifice immensely for their children, but from my limited experiences i have seen women who have done and doing constantly extra-ordinary sacrifices.

there are such women very common who would deny any sorts of enjoyment, personal ambitions and dreams in their life to provide for their child. they dont stop to think about themselves for a moment in their whole adult life. yes, from western standard you may call them stupid, fools. perhaps they are fools of God, they are fools for the sake of their pure love, they are made fools for a purpose. these thousands and millions of woman in the third world country (and also in the developed country) are no less saints when you see their everyday struggle.

single mothers in the developed countries even, a few cases that i know of are so touching, when you hear their day to day struggle just to keep running the family, ensuring a descent education for their child. they wont care for their health, they wont care about their personal betterment, but would work hours and hours under hard conditions just to make their child's life a little better, more smooth financially. end of the day that very child may or may not take care of the poor mother, but she will do it anyway. thats how the fools of God work.

perhaps vatican has no idea how a single mother can be a sole warrior in the face of this harsh world and waging her battle not for herself but to provide for their children.

perhaps vatican don't count what miracle a simple woman from a third world country is producing on a daily basis when they themeselves remain hungry, starve and at the same time feed their children. what is the biggest miracle but the manifestation of pure love, which only a mother has for her child. yes that pure love is the real miracle.

their names may not be listed in the canon of catholic church, but we can never deny their individual personal miracles. from the moment they step into a new family to the moment of childbirth to the whole drama of bringing the child up ... there are countless miracles all along.

yes i call them real saints. i don't see point to call the congregation for the causes of saints as they call in vatican concerning the declartion of sainthood, because one can easily see miracles that are all in the air. you just have to open your eyes and be a little sensitive.

vatican may want to see the proof of intercession for the saint. come to the Last Messenger of God, Muhammad, upon him be peace and you will read that he assured that among the prayers which are never rejected by God is the prayer of a mother for her child.

come to their status and let me recall a famous saying of the Prophet: 'Paradise, (the final destiny of salvation) is at the feet of mothers'.

do you see the real saints in this world?

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