Saturday, April 28, 2007

Reading Now | Atom from the Sun of Knowledge

i am currently reading the book Atom from the Sun of Knowledge by Lex Hixon. this is for sure one of the best sufi book i have read so far.

This comprehensive volume is an initiation into Sufism by a Western teacher of Islamic mysticism who saw in this ancient tradition a universal path to enlightenment. Atom from the Sun of Knowledge explores the spiritual secrets of the practices of Islam and interprets the spiritual wealth of its sacred book, the Quran, and the sayings (hadith) of the Prophet Muhammad, upon him pe peace. The volume also contains modern ecstatic Sufi poetry and spiritual discourses that illuminate the essential unity of all existence and the immense love at its heart. credit

My first real interest in mystical tradition of Islam (Tasawwuf or Sufi Path) was awakened by the writings of Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882 - 1927) who had such an universal approach in realizing all the religious and spiritual path which i found so close to my personal understanding and philosophy. his blessed writings still inspire me, teaches me in this path as it do to many across the world. may God bless him.

After that i came across Golden Sufi's current Master Llewellyn Vaughan Lee who captured my intellect and love. his talks and writings shine with great spiritual brilliance. i simply love his style, approach and philosophy when it comes to sufi discourses. may God bless his work. he also takes a very universal approach which is a great need, specially for our time when the world calls out for a greater harmony and inner work.

and now i have come across this great personality of Sufi Master Lex Hixon Nur Al Jerrahi (1941-1995), may God sanctify his secrets, whom i simply feel like a teacher i would love to take initiation from and to be with. he is a rare combination of a scholar and a mystic. if i had to follow an example of a contemporary modern personality i will says its Lex Hixon.

in Amazon one of the reader who identifies him/herself as a Passionate Muslim Mystic writes so beautifully about this book and the personality of Lex Hixon. i quote from Amazon: "Lex Hixon was a well-known spiritual seeker who was open to every authentic tradition, yet who came to embrace Islam as the deepest expression of his faith and life. He did this in an amazing, open way.

He encouraged his disciples to be, as he was, holders of "multiple spiritual citizenship" - I knew a dervish of his who was also a practicing Orthodox Christian, for example. When I myself after having taken hand with him, had powerful dreams drawing me to Christianity, he told me: "Then go and be a Christian dervish!"

This is to let you know what kind of Muslim he was: to my mind, a true Muslim, utterly intoxicated with the love of God, seeing God everywhere and in everyone. And this book is a manifestation of that love and joy.

When he died, with "Allah" on his lips, tribute was paid to him by Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Muslims... If there is any antidote to the ills of Islamic extremism, perhaps it can be found in the pages of this book. Muslims, and all seekers, open your hearts to it."

i guess that sums up pretty well about the great author behind this book and also the work he has created. his understanding of Quran and few of the rendering of the verses are really astounding. God willing, with time i will quote some of the jewels from the book here.

"This spiritual book reflects some of the divine light entrusted to its author, our beloved Lex Hixon, and reveals some of the many secrets contained within his heart. He has tried to show the many paths to Truth taken by the mystic orders of Islam. This is in accordance with the saying of the Prophet, God's blessings and peace be upon him: 'The paths to God are as numerous as human breaths.' " - Shaykh Muhammad Nazim, author of Mercy Oceans' Pink Pearls

[::] You can learn more about Sufi Master Lex Hixon @ Lex
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