Sunday, April 22, 2007

Passion of the Earth | a beautiful project worth sharing on Earth Day

When i first came across Melanie Weidner's work in her website, Listen for Joy, i was really amazed. I totally loved her work, specially the spiritually rich arts under the Passion of the Earth Project. The images have a great mystical attraction, full of joy and spiritual message which i enjoyed. So i wanted to share her beautiful work on this Earth Day. Visit her Art Gallery to see other Arts by Melanie.

Passion of the Earth Project: The Passion of the Earth can perhaps best be described as a cross between the traditional Catholic Stations of the Cross and the contemporary “Cosmic Walk.” Specifically, the Passion of the Earth spiritual exercise is a narrative divided into seven sections or “stations” telling a version of the creation story. Each station includes a piece of writing and a piece of art which hang in the Monastery of St. Gertrude’s Spirit Center retreat facility.

The Passion of the Earth is designed to be a spiritual exercise that enables people to see the earth and the cosmos not only as God’s creation, but as the most basic expression of God’s very self. The earth and the cosmos are not inanimate objects for human beings to use, abuse, and destroy as they see fit, but a gift of God our creator to reverence and cherish. Humanity does not stand above creation as dominating caretakers, but rather we humans stand within its midst as one small part of the vast expression of the cosmos.

“As human beings, our self-reflective awareness gives to us special obligation to understand and respond to this gift of creation. As humanity has sought to dominate and indiscriminately use the resources of the earth, often in destructive ways, humanity now has an obligation to understand and heal our relationship with the earth.”

About the Artist: Melanie Weidner is a Quaker contemplative artist and spiritual director. Her work inspires spiritual reflection and encourages others to explore creativity and prayer. She is open for Spiritual Listening to anyone who is in need of it. Visit here for details.

More: {The Installation} . {Art and Text} . {Project Description} . {Listen for Joy}

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