Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Carnival of Islam in the West | 8th Edition is up

The 8th Edition of the Carnival of Islam in the West is up and running. Its hosted by Baraka in her lovely blog: Truth and Beauty.

[visit Carnival of Islam in the West : 8th Edition]

The Carnival of Islam in the West started as an effort to allow Muslims in the west to express what life is like for Muslims living in the west. The carnival is also meant to be a voice for the significant amount of Muslims who are now part of west. its also a great way to bring together the like minded people from every corner of the world, particularly from the west.

Glad to say that one of the post from Inspirations and Creative Thoughts: Peaceful Warrior and Jihand in Islam is also featured in the carnival under Religion and Philosophy category. Thanks God this time the carnival has grown quite beautifully with many thoughtful articles and sharings on many diverse subjects. We hope that this carnival will be helpful as a bridge builder among the people of West, Muslims and Islam.

:: Know details about the background of the carnival from Hakim Abdullah's blog
:: details about the present and future edition of the carnival
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