Friday, April 20, 2007

Bhakti (Devotion) | Sri Anandamoyi Ma

"It is the pure, undefiled flower
that finds a place at the Feet of the Lord
and nowhere else.

Take great care to spend your life in spotless purity,
worthy to be dedicated in worship to the Lord.

Speak about Him,
meditate on His Glory,
try to see Him in everyone, Him Who is the Self,
the breath of life, the heart of hearts.

You feel lonely?
In very truth: you are not alone.
Does the Supreme Friend ever forsake His friends?"

- Sri Ma (Anandamoyi 1896 - 1982)
the name Anandamoyi Ma means Joy Permeated Mother
Matri Vani 1963 P. 99. credit
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