Sunday, April 15, 2007

Al-Hâdî | The Guide | 99 Divinely Sublime Attributes of God


. The Guide
. The Leader
. The Guide on the Right Path

. The One who continually shows the right way. The One who kindly guides aright.

. The One who guides hearts to a knowledge of the Divine essence.

The One who is the source of all guidance. The One who faithfully continues to guide aright until the goal is finally attained.

Who is it that guides you
in the midst of the deep darkness of land and sea,
and sends forth the winds as a glad tiding of His coming grace? (The Quran 27:63) transliteration

Without an escort you're bewildered on a familiar road;
don't travel alone on a way you haven't seen at all;
don't turn your head away from the Guide.
- Mathnawi I:2944-2945, tr. Helminski

Practice as Ya-Hâdî

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