Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wake up my friend!

Originally uploaded by Sushma Sabnis.
Abandon your search!
Look inside yourself.
This is where the Absolute dwells.
It is as simple as that.

Nothing is beyond you since all is in you.
Only Divine love is without illusion.
Recognize this, and you will have arrived.
This is the message of the Koran.

Take heed!
Climb the ladder carefully.
Awakening will cut through your ego and shatter your thoughts
As you come to feel the force of Universal Creation.

And transform your stream of consciousness
Into waves that are born, live and die in vast emptiness.
This is primary cognition.

This is the era of Kali.
Do not be lured by false prophets,
And get rid of all romantic idea about the beyond.

Return to childlike simplicity,
Yet be skillful and generous.
This is the flawless teaching of Shakyamuni.
Keep Buddha in mind, he is awareness.

Learn from the Masters.
Smile at Khayyam’s descriptions of life, and understand the power of beauty.
Share Al Ansari’s angst, and dedicate yourself to others.
Follow Rumi’s simplicity, and let the world dissolve into the stainless radiance of the Divine.

Stretch your intellect with no prejudice.
Decipher Lao Tse, and grasp the beauty of the mysterious.
Ponder Arjuna’s questioning to Krishna, and integrate with God’s omnipresence.
Reflect on the Sermon on the Mount, and learn from the suffering on the cross.

So, wake-up my friend!
What you are looking for is at reach.
But in all instances, please, be humble.
This is the meaning of the Prophet’s message.

:: Kenza, 2007
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