Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spiritual Materialism

There is a danger and flipside to spiritual quest. Some men and women who go into so called spiritual study, practices and thoughts often create around us a pseudo cocoon. We derive pseudo spiritual satisfaction with our selfish study, self centered personal enlightenment seeking.

Intellectualization is good but only to a certain degree. Imbalance in any thing including spiritual and religious study is unwanted. One of the major problems of spiritual attachment is that it is very often amount to mere talk and personal self pride. Without real work in this world for real people all quest for religious and spiritual knowledge is fueling the ego with pride.

Unless through action we start manifesting goodness, kindness, compassion and love to other human being we fail our purpose in this world. As God manifest his will through creating this creation; human being as image of God as Khaifatullah [vicegerent of Allah] must learn to manifest the essential quality in service, in action.

Religious and spiritual learning is nothing but our preparation for the service to humanity. From Krishna to Buddha , Jesus to Mohammad you will find not a single human being whom humanity adore ... a great soul, who didn't serve the humanity, who didn't come out to heal the world. If so many spiritual text, so many religious books and verses doesn't inspire us to go out and give our services, our wealth, our time for the less fortunate, I am sorry to say our reading, our study reach nowhere. God doesn't need our praise, but His praise was supposed to help us realize our praise worthy ability to serve others & to work for others.

:: during the tour to India, on way to Darjeeling. Feb, 2007

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