Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sayings of the Prophet | on alms-giving & charity

There are seven people whom God will draw under His own shadow, on the day when there will be no other shadow (the Day of Final Judgement); one of them a person who hath given alms and concealed it, so that his left hand knew not what his right hand did.

The most excellent of alms is that of a man of small property, which he has earned by labor, and from which he giveth as much as he is able.

Giving alms to the poor hath the reward of one alms; but that given to kindred hath two rewards; one, the reward of alms, the other the reward of helping relations.

Muhammad said, "It is indispensable for every Believer to give alms." The companions asked, "But if he hath not anything to give?" He said, "If he hath nothing, he must do a work with his hand, by which to obtain something and benefit himself; and give alms with the remainder." They said, "But if he is not able to do that work, to benefit himself and give alms to others?" The Rasul (Muhammad) said, "Then he should assist the needy and the oppressed." They asked, "What if he is not able to assist the oppressed?" He said, "Then he should exhort people to do good." They asked, "And if he cannot?" He said, "Then let him withold himself from doing harm to people; for verily that is as alms and charity for him."

Almsgiving is duty unto you.

The best of almsgiving is that which springeth from the heart, and is uttered by the lips to soften the wounds of the injured.

- Sayings of the Last Messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings.

Text Credit: Sayings of Prophet Image: Calligraphy of the name of Prophet Muhammad.

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