Monday, March 12, 2007

removing veil of heart | sharing your thoughts

In the previous post about the question on how to remove the veil on heart?, there has been some lovely sharing coming from your sides, which are really engaging. so here are the highlights from your comments:

Raja | I'm reminded of the quote by Gandhi: "Be the change you wish to make in the world." And also from Jesus of Nazareth: "You are the light of the world...let your light shine before men, so that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven."

What I've learned so far is that, the veil is self-created; people will be free from ignorance when they WILL to be free. Until that day, I think the best we can do is stay firmly rooted in the awareness of our Being, in union with God, at all times, letting our light shine. That way, no matter what we say or do, what words we choose or even if we choose to be silent (for that is often best, sometimes), all our actions will be informed by that place of Being, and the light that is within the other person will see it. In other words, show them that you are free, so that they might see that it is possible to BE free.

Cris | The only thing you can do is refuse to become like "them" simply because everyone else seems to be like them. Live the life you claim is possible. Don't just preach. Be happy, be free ...

Otowi | I think the first and most important step is to get past the assumption that you yourself no longer have any veils. Until you do this, you are doing the same things they are doing - assuming you don't have a veil to remove. Then you can try to figure out what made you realize and see your own veil?

Part of it, is that one has to acquire humility to see any veils that he/she has. That is not something you can give someone by pointing out their errors - that just makes them more obstinate.

Shree | the veil is created by me - to feed my pride, greed and attachment to tangible and intangible things. Until and unless me on my own remove it, it will remain. My each action, behavior and even silence must speak itself that i am one with my BELOVED. Criticism makes others hostile and who am i to point out their error. i think self-realisation should be the most important goal for me ... have i really removed my veil? By my own tranformation and action should speak for themselves. have faith on Him.

Irving | The answer may be different for each of us, but here is a new post that might be of some small use: The Upward Glance and the Lowest Bow.

Axinia | I have two expereinses/visions to share.
1. Spiritual people (like we are all here, I guess;) are somehow different from the rest, and you have to live with it. Even if I have some great experiences and certatin depf, I still shall be "normal" in some ways. In my case I love beauty and to be beautiful - so I dress up well and my friends like to learn this from me ;)

BUT: they see immediately that there is much more behind it. They say that my spirituality is immediately felt, even if I behave "normal". And this is very important for me! I can not make "dirty jokes" - because I am just not able to, but I can wear expensive sun-glasses from Dior and feel fine :) It is important that people feel your authentic, fresh personality - then they can accept your wisdom, love and spirituality!

2. After receiving my self-realization 11 years ago and going through a lasting and joyful transformation since then I can only recommend the same: without experiencing the spirituality PHYSICALLY it is almost impossible to convince somebody even in "little things".

Unfortunately, we can never make others feel the same - they need their own experince. BUT - we can do something very important. One of my favourite quotations of Cregoire de Kalbermatten (but not exactly): "Homo Sapience is like a sponge and his surronding is like water. He absorbs it and lives with it. Homo Spiritualist is the water, and his surronings is the sponge..." Let us be this water!

God willing, more thoughts from your sharing may be added here later.

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