Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quranic Wisdom | advice of Luqman, the sage

In the name of God, the Most Loving

And certainly We gave wisdom to Luqman, saying: Be grateful to God. And whoever is grateful, he is only grateful for his own soul; and whoever is ungrateful, then surely God is Self-sufficient, Praised. And when Luqman said to his son while he admonished him: O my son! do not associate aught with God; most surely polytheism is a grievous iniquity-

O my son! surely if it is the very weight of the grain of a mustard-seed, even though it is in (the heart of) rock, or (high above) in the heaven or (deep down) in the earth, God will bring it (to light); surely God is Knower of the finest mysteries, Aware;

O my son! keep up prayer and enjoin the good and forbid the evil, and bear patiently that which befalls you; surely these acts require courage;

And do not turn your face away from people for pride, nor go about in the land exulting overmuch; surely God does not love any self-conceited boaster;

:: From the 31st Quranic Chapter by the name of Biblical character Luqman, the Sage. Apart from The Quran, common wisdom of Luqman the Wise can be found in the collection of Coptic Orthodox spiritual texts. click here to read more.

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