Monday, March 19, 2007

Our Conciousness of God

Many are the ways and the forms in which we become conscious of God. We may feel the presence of God in all that we do, feel, or think. Religion will assume a corresponding form. If God is experienced as activity and urge, a religion of action is born and a life of duty becomes the goal. Religion then becomes a mission and a crusade.

If God is lived as the affective atmosphere, religion takes on an aesthetic character and man is lost in contemplation of everlasting Beauty. If God is lived as a constant reference of thought, religion takes the form of knowledge; it seems to be God's knowledge that makes possible the knowledge of things around us.

It is interesting to observe down the ages, in a single historical religion, the shifting of accent from one to another of these, the tension of opposites making for the vigor and health of a great religion. The contrast between the vita activa and the vita contemplativa of Martha and Mary is an abiding contrast. Our consciousness of the Divine is also rich in contrasts. Now one and now another moment become salient.

Whether we live God as the breath of our life, as the Light that flickers at a distance, or as the frustration of our action and the despair of our thought, God steals into the heart in a way all Its own.

- Syed Vahiduddin(1909-1998) Philosopher, India.

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