Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mawlid : Speed linking across the blogsphere

Eid Mubarak! Greetings of Festival. This is the festival of Prophet's Birthday as well his day of meeting with his Beloved Lord.

Across the blogsphere a number of bloggers have posted on the occassion. Here is speedlinking post on Mawlind (Maulidur Rasul): the Celebration of Prophet's Birthday.

{} SunniPath, an Online Center for Traditional Islamic Knowledge has been celebrating the Birth of our Beloved Prophet. You can listen the mawlid audios and recitation through streaming audio

{} Writeous Sister hosts the Mawlid Blog Carnival 1428. A very best collection of Mawlid posts.

{} Aria's Moon: Maulidur Rasul 2007
Accounts of Mawlid in history, as observed by earlier Muslims

{} Danile Abdal-Hayy Moore Poetry has poem on Prophet specially for Mawlid

{} Cat in Rabat says Happy Birthday to Prophet and her mulling over the Mawlid

{} Muhammadun Rasul Allah blog writes about the blessed birth

{} Andalus links online Mawlids

{} Abunashaykh hosts the Spiritual Secrets of the Mawlid of the Prophet

{} Sunni Sisters lists event on Mawlid and also writes about celebration of the Beloved Prophet in Jordan

{} Aymen's Page: More about Mawlid

{} Red Sulphur writes about the Birth of the Blessed Prophet

{} Sufi News brings the 10th Mawlid Festival in France

{} Sunni Path has Mawlid for students event

{} The Christian Priests Father Timothy and Father Theodosi from Russia enjoyed the Dhikrullah and Mawlid celebrations at Naqsbandi.

:: More conversation in Technorati, Sphere and Google Blog Search on Mawlid.

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