Saturday, March 24, 2007

freeing from wants and how joy enters into heart

Abu Sai'd (may God sanctify his secrets) was asked: "When shall a man be freed from his wants?"

"When God shall free him," he replied; "This is not affected by a man's exertion, but by the grace and help of God."

First of all, He (God) brings forth in him (man) the desire to attain the goal. Then He opens to him the gate of repentance (tauba). Then He throws him into self-mortification (mujahada), so that he continues to strive and, for a while, to pride himself upon his efforts, thinking that he is advancing or acheving something; but afterwards he falls into despair and feels no joy.

When he knows that his work is not pure, and receives that they were done by God's grace and help, and that he was guilty of polytheism (shrik) in attributing them to his own exertion - when this becomes manifest, a feeling of joy enters his heart.

(original text from Life of Abu Sai'd, p 51.)

:: came across this lovely wisdom from the book i am reading now, MURSHID (a personal memoir of life with American Sufi Samuel L. Lewis) by Mansur Johnson ... a well recommended book for all who chance upon here. my deep appreciation to the author, brother and friend Mansur Johnson for presenting this book.

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