Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Conversation with self

In book Seven of 'Bihishti Zewar', Ashraf Ali Thanvi suggests to the believer that he/she set aside a little time in the morning and in the evening to speak to her lower self [nafs] as follows:

O self, you must recognize that in this world you are like a trader, Your stock-in-trade is your life. Its profit is to acquire well-being forever, that is, salvation in the afterlife. This is indeed a profit! If you waste your life and do not gain your salvation, you suffer losses that reach to your stock-in-trade. That stock-in-trade is so precious that each hour - indeed, each breath - is valuable beyond limit.

O self, recognize God's kindness that Death has not yet come. O self, do not fall into the deception that Almighty God will surely forgive you. [Don't bank on His mercy]. Say to yourself, O self, you are like a sick person. A sick person must follow good regimen. Sinning is a bad regimen ...

Say to the self, O self, the world is a place of journeying, and on a journey complete comfort is never available. You must endure all kinds of trouble. Travelers put up with these troubles because they know that when they reach home they will have all comfort ... In the same way, you must endure hard work and distress as long as you dwell in this world. There is work in acts of worship; there is distress in giving up sin; there are all kinds of other troubles. The afterlife is our home. When we arrive there, all trouble will be ended.

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