Sunday, March 11, 2007

Al-Fattâh | the Revealer | 99 Divinely Sublime Attributes of God


. The Opener
. The Revealer
. The Granter of Success
. The One who opens what is closed
. The One who is the judge of what shall be opened
. The One by whose guidance that which was closed is opened and the unclear is made clear
. The One who lifts veils and who opens the heart
. The One who continually offers goodness and mercy
. The One who gives victory
. The One who holds the keys to victory and success.
. The One who reveals the solution to all problems.

Did We not expand your breast and remove your load, which weighed down your back? Did We not raise your renown high? For truly with hardship comes ease; truly with hardship comes ease. ( The Quran 94:1-6)

... nor will they humble themselves until We open to them a gate to a harsh punishment in which they will at once be crushed by despair. (The Quran 23:76-77)

Practice the rememrance as Ya Fattâhu.

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