Monday, February 12, 2007

Sharing from Marven Gibson | Guest Blogger's Post

When it comes to prayer, twenty-odd years ago, my neighbor who was a very pious man said to me one day, "You are the only man I have ever met in my fifty year affiliation with the church who does what the bible says."

"What is that?" I asked.

"Pray without ceasing"

"I never pray," I said.

"Marven, praying is nothing more than talking to God."

"If that's the case, then I'm guilty as charged!"

When I went back in the house, I asked God if there were any existing prayers that I should be saying or repeating. The answer was a very definite NO! I was then sent to my dictionary and through a slow process I was directed to each word of the following prayer:

"God grant me the strength and the courage,
the wisdom and the knowledge,
the patience and the understanding,
and the direction to carry out your will on earth."

I have been ridiculed by many people, including clergymen, who have told me that I have abdicated the free will that God granted to me. My response to them is, although it might appear that way, I make a free will choice to ask God for an answer to every decision I have to make. That usually stops them.

I tell them that "Look to the Lord in all your ways" doesn't mean some of your ways, most of your ways, almost all of your ways, but ALL of your ways. If the world population realized that God was monitoring each and every one of each person's thoughts, it might be a very different place. Unfortunately, power, greed, and a few other evils seem to be the "gods of the day."

- Marven Gibson

... and may i add with Marven's beautiful thought, may we all turn away from 'the false gods', 'false illusions' to Real, to Lord alone. and may we realize the sacred formula, La ilaha ilaAllah.

:: Recently Marven Gibson (who call himself as truth seeker) wrote me about himself and shared few very wonderful resources. How he found me was pretty interesting. He googled the Bible verse, "And you shall know the truth" and of the 2,500 potential sites to look at, Inspirations and Creative Thoughts was the one he was directed to. Marven comments, 'It is one of the most powerful and thought provoking sites I have ever visited'. I am grateful for his contact and sharing. Blessings and prayer for Marven.
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