Sunday, February 11, 2007

mysterious quality

Keep the sensitive soul and the animal body in one compartment so that they cannot be separated. Control the vital force, so that you will be transformed again into a newborn child.

When you banish mysterious visions from your imagination you may, then, become unblemished.

Purify yourself and don’t look for intellectual answers for the Mystery.

When discernment penetrates the four regions, perhaps you will not recognize what gives life and sustains it.

That which gives life does not claim any possession. It benefits, but does not demand gratitude. It commands, but does not exercise authority. That is what is called “mysterious quality”.

(Tao Te King)

- Credit: Seven deadly sin on Warrior of Light Online by Paulo Coelho

Also visit Warrior of Light Blog by phenomenal author, Paulo Coelho.

Commentry: To my understanding, here vital force refers to sexual energy. Keeping "the sensitive soul and the animal body in one compartment" means balance between our spirit and physical drive. the substance of our sexual energy is 'that which gives life'. Pin It Now!