Friday, February 23, 2007

Meeting with like minded minds

one of the most wonderful thing about internet, and specially the blogging phenomena is the bringing together of like minded people and minds. recently i had the honor to meet brother abdul rahim. we had a wonderful time talking and discussing a few of the things close to our heart. i was truly happy to meet someone who reads this blog so regularly (believe me or not, everyday! via google page).

few days back we met in kolkata, india close to 10:30 pm at night and were chatting till 1 in the morning at a coffeeshop and also in car. thanks to his taking trouble finding me in busy kolkata city and warm hospitality. there were a few things that i would be more than happy to share with you all, which came up from our discussion. discussion with brother Rahim came up with a number of problems, issues which later helped me to ponder over. topics including spirituality, whether knowing a lot really helps or not when it comes to spirituality and religion, how to face the challenges of our personal crisis on faith, social problems, religious issues etc.

with time i wish to share my 2 cents on the issues here after i get some time and finish my travel. i am now in darjeeling, north-eastern part of india.
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