Saturday, February 17, 2007

In India, in kolkata

i am currently on a short trip to Kolkata, India. about 5 generations back my forefathers came from Persia, settled in Murshidabad, a place in Eastern India (West Bengal) and contributed religious and spiritual wisdom to the people of India. one of them was a Dervish who spread the message of Islam to India.

during the India Pakistan partition, my grand father moved to East Pakistan (1947) which separated and became Bangladesh in 1971. interestingly the people of Bangladesh and West Bengal of India share the same language, almost the same culture. we people across the political boundary have warm bonds that run deep. Kolkata has been the center of undivided Bengal and one of a prime center of British ruled India. thus coming to Kolkata always gives me a sense of home coming. i love everything here. the flavor, the people, the food, the colors, the temples, the mosques, the lanes ... all.
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