Saturday, February 03, 2007

Al-'Afûw | The Forgiver | 99 Divinely Sublime Attributes of God

Al - 'Afûw

. The Forgiver
. The Supreme Pardoner
. The Most Forgiving
. He Who pardons all who repent sincerely as if they had no previous sin.
. The One who removes and obliterates all traces of wrong actions.

And He it is Who accepteth repentance from His bondmen, and pardoneth the evil deeds, and knoweth what ye do (The Quran, 42:25)

Or He causeth them to perish on account of that which they have earned - And He forgiveth much (The Quran, 42:34)

As for those who avoid the truly grave sins and shameful deeds -
even though they may sometimes stumble -
behold, thy Sustainer is abounding in forgiveness. (The Quran, 53:32)

Be cheerful, call for help
to the One who comes at the call;
saying, "Forgive us, You who love to forgive."
- Rumi, Mathnawi 1:3252-3, tr. Helminski

Practice | Repeat and behold this remembrance (Dhikr) as Ya-'Afûwu.

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