Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Soul Language

There is an universal language
in the world that
does not depend on
which language you speak.

It is the language of the heart
and everyone knows this
knowingly or unknowingly.

When the souls are created
in the world of unknown
that very language
is impressed upon all souls
from the Supreme Soul.

You will find the language spoken between
the eyes of a mother and her new born.

It is the wordless communication,
between the beloved sun and its lover,
the sunflower.

It is the ever silent language between two lovers,
who are truly made for each other,
who understand each other wholly and completely.

It is the language of all mystics, of all age,
regardless of their culture, color or faith.

Know that the only substance
this language is made of-
is named after a four letter
word simply called 'Love'.

All the alphabets of this universal langauge
consists of nothing but the substance of pure love.

Even the atoms know this language and
by the attraction of love they spin, spin and spin.

The galaxies knows it.
They never cease whirling
intoxicated with love.

Your heart for sure knows it,
that's why its yearns for love
forever and ever.

(c) Sadiq M. Alam | Singapore
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