Monday, January 15, 2007

Meditative Quranic Verse 9 | Solitary Journey

Walaqad ji/tumoona furada kama khalaqnakum awwala marratin wataraktum ma khawwalnakum waraa thuhoorikum wama nara maAAakum shufaAAaakumu allatheena zaAAamtum annahum feekum shurakao laqad taqattaAAa baynakum wadalla AAankum ma kuntum tazAAumoona

And Behold! You have come unto Us solitary as We did create you at the first, and left behind yours are all that We bestowed upon you, and We see not with you those your intercessors, of whom you claimed that they possessed a share in you.

Now is the bond between you severed, and your illusions have vanished from you. (The Quran: 6.94)

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