Saturday, January 27, 2007

Master of the Jinn | the E-Book edition is available now

"Foolish boy! by the wisdom of God we are ordained to love, even as the particles of the world are attracted one to the other, like to like.
But know you assuredly that love is not gained by wickedness. It is lost."

- from Master of the Jinn by Irving Karchmar
a sufistic and profoundly spiritual novel unlike anything you read before in English literature.

You can order the original book from the official site here.

E-book | the author Irving Karchmar is offering the Master of the Jinn to anyone who wants it as an E-book. it will be emailed in pdf (portable document format) to your e-mailbox. the same book as in paperback, with all the interior illustrations intact, taken from the originals.

the lovely things is: after you read it, and only if you like the book, you can pay your money. read pricing and other details here. now the book is unbelievably accessible with a price close to nothing. and guess what! if you don't like the book, you are granted the freedom by the author not to pay anything.

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Among many other praises, Amazon has reviewed the novel as, "A Masterpiece of Modern Islamic Mysticism", "Awe Inspiring Mystical Adventure". Bay Street Press has termed the American publication of the novel as a mystical adventure and eloquent portrayal of the Sufi path of Love.
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:: Good news for Singaporeans! Master of the Jinn is available @ Wardah Books now. Pin It Now!