Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Humanity condemns hate in the name of religion

Terrorism is a hot topic these days. Thousands of universities bringing new study courses, scores of scholars are debating the issue. What are the root causes? How to tackle it? What makes a terrorist?

Will they ever get into the heart of it, i wonder. Here is a you tube video titled, Making of a Muslim Terrorist

Click here to watch the video (about 20 minutes) via youtube.

:: Watch the emotion of the children who had to witness at his tender age the killing of his aunti, grandfathers and all. And sadly enough the killings are done in the name of religion. Muslim are minority in India and they were victimized on numerous occasion by the religious terrorist who used ultra-nationalist agendas with banner of Hindu religion to kill and bring terror inside people of their own land. Hindu religion in its essential and core teachings - is a religion of wisdom, harmony and one of the most tolerant one. Yet, it is its own people blinded by faith who abuse the religion itself.

Humanity, no matter what religion or color they belong to, must come out and condemn hate and terrorism in the name of religion. Terrorism in the name of religion is the worst crime, because it destroy God's greatest creation - human being.

It is nobody's right to kill, when life is a precious Divine gift. We are brother and sisters in humanity. If we lose that, then we are worth nothing. Preseve this humanity with love, peace and frienship. Every small deed and intention counts. (text credit)

Warning: Some part of the video may be graphic. Pin It Now!