Monday, January 29, 2007

Does Quran talks about friendship with God? or is it heresy?

In orthodox point of view, religious doctors always try to put the relationship between man and God as just a very distant one. the mainstream islam often come in clash with sufi stream of islam which interestedly emphasize a lot on the inner dimension whereas the orthodox school in most of the cases moves around the periphery of rituals, religious laws etc. the very reason sufi school of thought started as a separate stream and identified as a different name is simply because the actual message of islam was over shadowed by materialism and only outer ritual devoid of inner understanding. so the return to the emphasis on inner dimension (which was part of islam from Prophet's original teachings) needed a new name. hence came the terms sufi and tasawwuf.

Now while in sufistic school the relationship between the creation and Creator is like a friend, which the orthodox school doesn't look at them very happily. infact orthodox school often try to publicize the sufistic thoughts as heresy. this close relationship which sufis talks about to develop with God has been branded as unislamic by religious doctors in many islamic countries in different times and even in these days. in islam, to prove something islamic or unislamic, the Quran has been the central and most powerful testimony.

Does Quran talks about friendship with God? or is it heresy?

on the question, whether creation, specially man can claim friendship with God or should he/she should consider the relationship a very remote one; perhaps the following Quranic verse is one of the best that talks for Sufistic inner dimension and philosophy. it says about the attitude of submission to God and also about the Mighty Prophet Abraham, the father of all monotheistic faith. interestingly the verses starts with betterment in faith, give example of Prophet Abraham, upon him be peace, and ends with the very relationship, Friendship with God, which is the central theme of sufi school of thought.

Who is of better faith than he who submits himself to God while doing good and following the creed of Abraham, the true in faith?
For God chose Abraham as a friend.

- The Quran (4:125) Pin It Now!