Wednesday, January 31, 2007

99 Divinely Sublime Attributes of God | an introduction to the series

Attaining spirituality without practice is not possible. In all faith and paths it is the practice that enables one to reach the desired station. This new series of post titled '99 Divinely Sublime Attributes of God' as an idea has been put forward and inspired by Sister Seema. Also Brother Hafeez has kindly given permission to use his beautiful graphics (original oil paintings) on the same theme. Together we will be trying to bring the practice on remembrance and reflection of 99 Beautiful Names of Allah, taught and recommended by the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace, to enable our inner transformation.

He said, "Verily, Allah has Ninety-Nine Names which if a person safeguards them, he will enter the Blissful Station (Paradise)." (Bukhari, Muslim, al-Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and Ibn 'Asakir)

The idea of this series of post is simple. There will be one particular name (or attribute) of God with original Arabic, its transliteration, meaning and reference of Quranic verses. It may be posted 1 in per two days approximately.

on the deeper meanings of the 99 attributes | God manifests Himself in infinite ways in His creation. The creation is like a mirror. His attributes are infinite and only God fully knows God. Yet for our limited mental faculty, to realize and reflect back God's qualities, His image inside of us we are given His qualities in finite number to grasp. Prophet Muhammad was inspired and taught 99 names or qualities of God which he passed down to his companions and faithfuls. (in Jewish tradition 72 names of God were revealed as well, and interestingly from numerological point of view both 72 and 99 both represent number 9, which is the highest and symbolic archetypal number).

Remembrance of God itself is a powerful tool to bring back the Divine consciousness inside us. The remembrance of the Divine through His qualities is recommended and practiced as a spiritual exercise to enable inner transformation. It also holds the secret key to blissful state.

"Those who believe, and those whose hearts find bliss in the remembrance of God. for without doubt, in the remembrance of God do hearts find bliss." (The Quran, 13:28)

To facilitate the remembrance, 99 names / qualities / attributes are used as guide. 99 names here are symbolic representation of God's infinite names and qualities. Quran affirms that all the beautiful names / qualities / perfection belongs to God and we are commanded to invoke Him by such names. It says, 'The most beautiful names belong to God, so call on Him thereby" (7:180).

the series | Apart from simply posting on the 99 names, the series is also brought with a noble intention that you may focus on that particular name during that day and following days. This name can be repeated for the whole day, whenever possible as you breath or do you tasks. Focusing can be by recitation or meditation in the day-to-day simple activities.

We are God's instrument and through us He wills to express Himself to the external world in this material plane. Sidi Shaykh Muhammad in 'meanings of the Name of our Lord' says, "You can not reach the secret of this Love if you do not change every quality to be like that of your Beloved".

Ponder here and now on His qualities
that tomorrow you may behold Him.
- Mahmud Shabistari, the Secret Rose Garden.

Read more about the practice from Wahiduddin's inspiring and resourceful site that in depth talks about this particular practice, here.

So, finally the goal of this series of post, God accepting, will be to develop an intimate connection to these Divine Qualities and to allow the Qualities to be reflected openly and freely in in our lives.

a Prayer | O Allah, in no way do we take any credit for this humble effort we have put forth. Truly all inspirations and efforts are through you. All praise is for You Alone. may this benefit all those who participate in Your Remembrance. may Your Perfect Light manifest inside us, into our lives in the form of Your unique attributes. Ameen.

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