Tuesday, January 23, 2007

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Lulando

One fine morning i was surprised to discover that i am tagged by Lulando on '5 things you didn't know about' thing which has been going around in blogsphere for sometime now. before i could think 5 things about me, i read and liked what Lulando wrote about him. so to honor him, i decided to share his 5 secrets in my blog. so here it goes:

5 (very interesting) Things You Didn’t Know About Lulando

1. I was born a Catholic Christian. My parents were not at all religious, so I didn’t see much of the ‘Church’ and developed a very personal relationship to the ‘Son’ of the Catholic Trinity.

2. I am a communist. But I was a communist before I ever knew, there were guys like Karl Marx or Friedrich Engels around. In my childhood and youth I read the Bible and was very interested in the life style of early Christians. They lived in a community, sharing everything as Brothers and Sisters. They had no possession at all apart from their very private things. So communism was nothing new to me…

3. When at the age of 14 I found out, that there was no historic proof of the existence of Jesus I became an atheist immediately. I stuck with that religion for a long while developing my second passion: politics.

4. There’s only one thing I have pursued constantly in my life: meditation. I started at the age of 14 (as a method for relaxing, no “God” in mind then…) and made my way through different flavours on a constantly daily basis.

5. In 1995 I met my revered teacher who happens to be a Sufi. For me Sufism always was a Path above and beyond all religions - as is Zen - and I along with others cannot see that you have to become a Muslim to be a dervish. Or to become a Buddhist to practice Zen. To be a Muslim in my humble opinion is to acknowledge and accept you are but a swivel in an endless river and you’re not running the show so you better get along with it…The Ever Repeating Message is: We are all one!

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About my (Sadiq's) 5 five things, well, may be anothing time. 'knowing me is knowing nothingness, knowing the Truth is knowing the Real', as says my profile. and i am quite shy specially when it comes to talking about me. :)
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