Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sufis : The people of the Path | Osho

"I am not really talking on Sufism, I will be talking Sufism. If you are ready, if you are ready to go into this adventure, then you will attain to a taste of it. It is something that will start happening in your heart. It is something like a bud opening. You will start feeling a certain sensation in the heart - as if something is becoming alert, awake there; as if the heart has been asleep for long and now it is the first glimmer of the morning - and there you will have the taste." - Osho

Kranti Preman writes in his introduction of the Book, Sufis - The People of the Path: The book you are holding in your hands is the living, beating heart of the mystic, Osho. His words are the very life-blood of existence. Are you ready to receive the ultimate transfusion?

In this dangerous spiritual surgery, you will need to open yourself - up and risk your life. No one is going to perform miracles for you. It is Osho's great gift to us: his insistence on meditation as the most direct tool for transformation. Each of us must go solo into the vast, unfamiliar territory of our inner being. Witnessing is the scalpel that cuts away all that is not you. Only then you can melt into existence.

The path of the Sufi is through the heart. To help clear the way for your meditation, Osho suggests more drastic measures that cut directly to the essence of Sufism. "The whole function of the master is to behead his disciples - that's what I go on doing here. You have nothing to lose but your head. And when I say come out of your sleep, I mean come out of your dead head. Come into the heart. Let the heart pulsate, let the heart sing, let the heart dance."

Come celebrate. Come join the Sufis if you like. They are the People of the Path. Don't worry, though one need not be a Sufi to be a Sufi. It's not a serious thing. The birds are Sufis when they wake up the sun with their early morning gossip. The crickets are Sufis when they present their chorus to the night. And if you are truly silent, listening in your original innocence, you are a Sufi. All it takes is tuning into your natural sensitivity. "God is broadcasting Himself all over and the reception happens in the heart, never in the head." But how many of us are living dancingly and singingly like the Sufi mystics?

This new book - a beautifully re-edit and new designed book from a long time out of print classic by Osho, is a journey full with beautiful moments.

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