Friday, December 22, 2006

Santa Science

Whether modern day christmas has lost its central theme, the teachings of Jesus Christ, upon him be peace, or whether it is completely commercialized and engrossed in materialism - is a whole different issue. Never-the-less an important one. Whether our children are more knowledgable about a myth like Santa Claus than the personality of Jesus Christ is what you may ask yourself. Has christmas lost its Christ is a old but important question, although I am not going to debate the issue here. May be in another post.

I just came across a science article (warning its funny as well) in North Carolina State Univ.'s website. It has little to do with religion, but more to do with scientific possiblities of many different aspect like time, relativity. Read here the article titled: Santa Science.

:: Keep an eye on the blog. Coming soon is the origin of Christmas, whether Jesus really was born on the 25th December and the origin of today's Christmas celebration - are the topics i wish to post soon, God willing.
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