Sunday, December 17, 2006

Labbaik Allah humma labbaik - Here I am O Lord!

Labbaik Allah humma labbaik
Labbaik la sharika laka labbaik
Innal hamda
Laka walmulk
Laa sharika lak.

O my Lord, here I am at Your service, here I am.
There is no partner with You,
here I am.

Truly the praise
and the provisions are Yours,
and so is the dominion and sovereignty.

There is no partner with You.

:: Above is the audio and its meaning you will be listening at this moment as background music of this blog page. The original is in Arabic.

These very words are chanted annually by multitudes of Muslim from all over the world from Mount Arafat as part of annual rites of Hajj (the sacred pilgrimage) commemorating Prophet Adam's first building of the house of God, known as Kaba and later which was rebuilt by Prophet Abraham with his son. May God shower blessings upon them all. Know more about the history of the Hajj.

Let the wilderness of and the cities thereof lift up thier voice, the villages that Ke'dar doth inhabit; let the inhabitants of the rock sing, let them shout from the top of the mountains. Isaiah 42:11

There is One alone and there is no second
. Ecclesiastes 4:8

Labbaika Allahumma, Labbaik, 
Labbaika laa shareeka laka labbaik. 
Innal-Hamda wanni'mata laka wal mulk 
La shareeka lak Labbaik.

Here I am, O Allah, here I am! 
There is none comparable to You and to You I have come, Here I am!
Verily all Praise and Grace are Yours and the Kingdom
One Beloved are You, without a partner. In my Heart there is room for none, only You.
Here I am, O Allah, here I am!

(a non linear (not literal) translation of the Talbiya sung by all pilgrims at Hajj, a powerful chant for Zikr, or Divine Remembrance as well)

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