Friday, December 29, 2006

God is not a Christian

God is not a Christian.
understand this, atleast
for Christ's sake.

God is not a Jew.
all are His children,
not only a few.

God is not a Muslim.
just incase you're
boasting with your faith.

God is not a Hindu.
beyond the colored idols
transcend His attributes.

God never created a religion,
but the human race.

come! truth may
we all embrace.

Sadiq | Singapore. 28 Dec, 2006

Inspiration and Dedication: in an tv advert of Al Jazeera Tv channel, there is a clip of Archbishop Desmond Tutu (nobel peace prize winner 1984) where he said this line, 'God is not a Christian'. Being an Anglican Archbishop and uttering this beautiful saying 'God is not a Christian' inspired me, and hence this unworhty poem was born.

I dedicate this poem to Respected Desmond Mpilo Tutu; this beautiful South African visionary, activist who stood up against the unjust apartheid system, for the right of people and who can speak the truth from his own realization. His life and work are an inspiration of peace through Desmond Tutu Peace foundation.
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