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Spiritual Health is a wonderfully rich website that gives expression to a variety of resources which are capable, God willing, of constructively affecting spiritual health. Through essays, articles, stories, novels, journals, and poems, this Spiritual Health web site critically explores an array of themes, ranging from: spiritual abuse to the Sufi Path (tasawwuf), mysticism, education, psychology, mind control, terrorism, ecology, Islam, the occult, political science, evolution, and much more.

PODCASTS // What is special about spiritual health site is the series of podcasts titled Sufi Reflections, which all are on average, about an hour in length. New programs are released on a regularly, irregular basis. The podcasts are full of insight and provide a source of nourishment for the spiritual development. They also emulate the effect of listening from the heart of a sufi master directly, rather than just reading book and pursuing bookish knowledge. Traditionally sufi teachings and guidance are always passed from heart to heart.

These podcasts vary in composition, but, among the themes and topics generally are: short stories, music, poems, essays, commentaries, interviews, and analysis ... all from a Sufi perspective, or, at least, all from the perspective of a Sufi who had the opportunity to be trained by an authentic Sufi Master. The subtle but beautiful music in the background is also very peaceful.

You can access all past Sufi Reflections podcasts from site here. The latest podcast is here.

:: About the author of Sufi Reflections podcast
Dr. Bill (Anab) Whitehouse was born in Denver, Colorado and grow up in various locations in Maine. After completing education in places like Harvard University, University of Toronto - Anab became interested in mysticism around 1970. After spending sometime with a Gurdjieff group, he stepped onto the Sufi Path, and, in the process became a Muslim.

His various interests includes sufism (tasawwuf), mysticism, spirituality, islam, psychology, philosophy etc. He wrote a number of books on Sufism. You can read about the books from Bilquees Press. You may also visit Anab Whitehouse's Sufi Amanesis Blog.

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